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One of the most popular Turkish rock singers of the new millennium, Teoman is known for his lyrics, telling the sometimes funny but mostly tragic, ordinary but magical stories of strong but fragile characters. Common theme being loneliness, he is the voice of life in big cities where nothing or noone can fill the void, the existential loneliness.

Teoman first came to mainstream attention in 1997 when he won the prize at "1st Roxy Music Days" and released his debut album. O followed in 1998, and Onyedi in 2000 which rocketed his popularity.

After Gönülcelen, he starred in three films in 2002. He then wrote, directed, produced and acted in Balans ve Manevra. He released En Güzel Hikayem, Renkli Rüyalar Oteli, Insanlik Halleri and Aşk ve Gurur before taking a short break. Next up was Eski Bir Rüya Uğruna.

With an aim to compile his works, Teoman released the lyrics book Insanlık Halleri and the autobiographical Fasa Fiso.

In 2018 he released Koyu Antoloji which featured 26 of his songs reproduced in a Cohen-esque style with darker, lower and sometimes in a whispering voice.

Teoman continued to strip down his songs and focus on lyrics further. In 2021, he first released Teoman ve Piyano - a single piano accompanying his vocals, then Tek Başına (Live), a home concert with vocal and guitar alone. His latest release of new material is Gecenin Sonuna Yolculuk. He follows a similar path to his recent style where every song feels like the soundtrack of an episode of a dark tv series.